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Lydgate Farms 75% Dark Chocolate Koloa Hawaiian Rum

$ 20.00

Lydgate Farms has partnered with Kauai’s own Koloa Rum to create a chocolate bar with a symphony of Kauai flavor and depth. Our single-origin cacao nibs are steeped in Koloa Rum for up to 18 days to create Koloa Rum’s signature Kauai Cacao Rum. Once the Cacao Rum has steeped, the rum-infused beans are returned to Lydgate Farm and refined with organic cane sugar to produce this 75% Dark Chocolate with Koloa Hawaiian Rum Bar*. 

This completely Kauai-made chocolate bar is a must-try. The characteristic, warm, nutty, and caramel notes of gold rum are absorbed by Lydgate cacao in the rum-making process and make an exquisite pair with the bright, floral notes in our extra-smooth dark chocolate. This chocolate is like none you have tasted before. Unmistakably fudgy with warm molasses, and golden rum flavor. It is a triumph of Kauai-grown ingredients and chocolate as nature intended it.

*Contains no alcohol


Koloa Hawaiian Rum soaked Lydate Farms cacao nibs, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter 

Net Weight:

62g / 2.2 oz

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