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Ura Chocolates

Many years ago, Luchi started her career in the pastry industry. In search of better flavor and improved quality for her products, she began researching cocoa, exploring the high and low jungle of Peru, visiting farms in different cocoa-producing areas. Luchi immersed herself in the world of chocolate, returning to the University's Faculty of Agronomy, to become a certified professional taster, and among other aspects specialising in the chemistry of cacao. She learned about the entire chocolate-making process, from cultivation to production.

This long journey gave her an immense appreciation for the rich native varieties of cacoa growing in Peruvian forests and ecological reserves, and instilled in her the understanding that only by paying a fair price to her producers, she could help preserve this genetic treasure. It was at that moment that Luchi decided to set up her own bean-to-bar production, and Ura Chocolates was born. Ura aims to share the wonderful experience of chocolate with those who might not easily visit a plantation or taste native cocoa from forests like those in Peru. Her chocolate transports you to each of these farms from the comfort of your home. Luchi invites you to fall in love, just as she did. We certainly did! Now, it's your turn...

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