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Milz Chocolat

Milz Chocolat is made by hand, from the cocoa tree to the chocolate bar. They are a family business that has a long history linked to the land, through livestock farming and also in the dairy industry. Their cocoa production journey began in 2019. 

After more than a year of learning and many tests, Milz offers fine chocolate, handcrafted with few natural ingredients, in small batches, using the best cocoa selected from their farm. They monitor every step, from responsible cultivation and harvesting, to the proper fermentation and drying process to produce cocoa of excellent quality and flavor. The cocoa is then transported to their small factory in Sosúa, Puerto Plata, to be converted into delicious chocolate bars and confections.

The Milz mission is to offer the consumer Dominican chocolate with excellent flavor and presentation. Making chocolate is an art which they respect and admire for the beauty of the entire process it involves. It is not simply a product, but an experience of pleasure and happiness when savoring and tasting it.

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