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Diego's Chocolate

“The soft, creamy, almost fudge-like texture and bold, fruity cacao flavors are the first things you notice once that initial bite hits your tongue…”

As Maya-Tz'utujil people, Diego continues a tradition of craft chocolate making that stretches back for thousands of years. Using a recipe learned from his grandmother and made only in small batches, Diego produces a chocolate bar unlike any that you’d likely find elsewhere.

As a sweetener, panela, or unrefined cane sugar is used in just the right amount, making this treat a sweet but without sacrificing the beautiful bitterness of the cacao. Panela, a traditional food in tropical/sub-tropical regions,  is among the least-processed products from sugar cane available, retaining much of the vitamins and minerals which naturally occur in sugar cane.

Diego practices direct trade, buying from small-scale family farmers a short distance away. He believes in using his time-tested, artisanal methods for chocolate production and packaging. For example, all of his cacao is winnowed/shelled by hand. This is slow chocolate - it keeps his employees working and yields his desired result. They also hand-color all of their chocolate labels, making each one unique and further adding hours for his team.

A must try.

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