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Soma Supergalactic LOVE heart

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Love is all around connects the tiniest of galaxies to the most grandiose to form a super galaxy of light and planetary wonders existing together in the most beautiful way.

The supergalactic love heart is an edible galaxy to savour with your favourite peeps.

The middle is a malted milkshake made into a super smooth chocolate (a Malteesers-Horlicks love child)  whipped up into a buttery cloud dotted with crunchy stars. The fluffy chocolate is piped into a dark chocolate heart and topped with a constellation of crunchy Pecan Pralines.

The heart is big (hand sized) to share with someone you adore.

packaged in a cute gold flecked galaxy box ready for gifting


Made with cacao grown on the beautiful farms of:

Akesson Farm, Madagascar
Costa Esmeraldas Farm, Ecuador,
Hacienda Victoria farm, Ecuador
Zozal farm, Dominican Republic

Milk: Ontario, Canada


Organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, milk, pecans, puff rice, malt powder, coconut oil, egg white, salt, natural vanilla extract.


Contains alcohol (vanilla extract), milk and wheat. May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts and peanuts.


The product should be stored in a cool, dry, odorless, and at a temperature between 14 and 20 C.

Net weight

approx. 200g

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