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Cacao Crudo

Cacao Crudo is more than a chocolate, it is a project by Daniele Dell’Orco. He is an anthropologist and researcher in the food sector and in the conservation and protection of agricultural and wildlife biodiversity. During his many journeys and studies abroad, Daniele started to appreciate the incredible health benefits that raw cacao/chocolate has. Back in Italy, he decided to start production but he added something that in his opinion was missing in the majority of the raw chocolate that he had tasted till then: the passion for the most refined taste.
The challenge was to produce chocolate that is at the same time healthy and gourmet, made of top-quality organic ingredients coming from a transparent and fair supply chain. In other words, a project shaped on a sustainable and ethical approach around food.

After two years of research to find the higher quality ingredients and experimenting to find the best ways of preserving these precious properties, he established his workshop in 2013, on the outskirts of Rome. It is immediately clear that this project wants to offer something else compared to the more common raw chocolate found in commerce. That is why Daniele uses exclusively Criollo Cacao. It grows naturally in the Amazon Forest and represents the most precious and purest under species of cacao in the world, representing less than 1% of the world production.

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